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Oh Little S. Being two must be really, really hard.I can’t imagine having everything LITERALLY handed to you the second you ask for it.“Milk please.”Of course, do you want chocolate milk?“Read books?”Sure babe.“Mom, I pooped.”Fantastic, I can’t wait to clean that up. His newest phrase has been “we could…”Like when we were in the car. […]

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Good Enough.

Somewhere between Rae sticking her finger as far up my nose as it would go while pulling my hair and Little S sticking his hand in his pants and proclaiming “Yikes. I pooped.” I found myself asking the age-old question “WHAT HAPPENED?” It’s still so incredibly strange to think that 3 years ago I was […]

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These Are My Secret-Public Confessions.

I was talking to a friend of mine lately, describing my day and all the chaos it entails and she said “I can’t wait to do all that, and be all motherly!”MOTHERLY?I can think of many words to describe myself, but “motherly” just sounds so…unnatural.  Like what exactly does being “motherly” entail?  Talking about poop […]

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Little S turns 2 in less than 2 weeks.WHAT. Awesomeness by Tim Riddick Photography, per usual 🙂 It’s hard to believe how much has changed for us in such a short amount of time. When Little S was first born, we had only been married for 4 months.  We were living in my parents basement. […]

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