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The Starting Line

9:39 AM. I should be at mile 14 by now. There’s a sharp ache in my hip as I sit down at my kitchen table. I should be listening to the roar of my running playlist, but instead I’m listening to the kids watch Paw Patrol and seeing Big S scroll through his phone. Today should have […]

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Why I Can’t Shut Up About My Marathon.

I’m having a perfectly normal conversation. We are talking about her daughter’s love for Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. And I’m just waiting for something, anything that I could possibly use as a segue to mention it. And there it is! “Yeah she just runs around singing the ‘Grown-Ups Come Back’ song all day long!” OH THANK […]

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I’ve been doing something lately I always thought was a urban legend. Something people talked about, but it didn’t really exist. Much like the Bermuda Triangle or Walt Disney being frozen, (though, part of me hopes this is true.) I didn’t know this was something that actually happened. Well, really, its not one thing, but […]

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