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Cry Out.

“MOMMY. NO!” Once. MOMMYYYYYY. NO.” Twice. “MOMMY!” Three times. “MOMMY! I. WANT. GO. HOME! GO NOW!” A fourth, a fifth, and a sixth time. Rae continued to cry out most of the morning. She was begging and pleading with me to let her leave the brightly colored halls of Children’s National Medical Center. She cried […]

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Why I Can’t Shut Up About My Marathon.

I’m having a perfectly normal conversation. We are talking about her daughter’s love for Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. And I’m just waiting for something, anything that I could possibly use as a segue to mention it. And there it is! “Yeah she just runs around singing the ‘Grown-Ups Come Back’ song all day long!” OH THANK […]

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For Rae.

“Whatever happened to all that stuff you did in college?” Big S questioned me earlier this weekend, “You know, with all those diet pills and stuff. You went from throwing up all the time and working out hours everyday at the gym, then you got pregnant and we never ever even talked about it.”. Totally […]

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I’m quite possibly the most insecure person there ever was.I’ll admit it, I’m embarrassed that I’m 23.I’m kind of ashamed that I’m married with 2 kids while everyone else my age is establishing a career and adopting 23 cats a week.I feel really weird talking to old friends. We have nothing in common anymore.And I […]

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Good Enough.

Somewhere between Rae sticking her finger as far up my nose as it would go while pulling my hair and Little S sticking his hand in his pants and proclaiming “Yikes. I pooped.” I found myself asking the age-old question “WHAT HAPPENED?” It’s still so incredibly strange to think that 3 years ago I was […]

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These Are My Secret-Public Confessions.

I was talking to a friend of mine lately, describing my day and all the chaos it entails and she said “I can’t wait to do all that, and be all motherly!”MOTHERLY?I can think of many words to describe myself, but “motherly” just sounds so…unnatural.  Like what exactly does being “motherly” entail?  Talking about poop […]

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