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It Works Giveaway!

About 2 weeks ago, a friend of mine came over bearing gifts. (My favorite types of visits!) Kari recently started working with It Works. It Works is a company that sells health and energy supplements. They have facial wraps and peels and of course, those crazy wrap things. I know you’ve seen the pictures like […]

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Missing the Glory.

Last night I did everything right. I prepped snack time for Little S’s preschool. I got the kids clothes out to be ready as soon as they got up. I had my gym clothes out ready to go and packed my bag with my clothes to change into after the gym. The packages I needed […]

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The Starting Line

9:39 AM. I should be at mile 14 by now. There’s a sharp ache in my hip as I sit down at my kitchen table. I should be listening to the roar of my running playlist, but instead I’m listening to the kids watch Paw Patrol and seeing Big S scroll through his phone. Today should have […]

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Small and Mighty.

On February 12 of last year, I stood in the Neurology imaging department of Children’s National Hospital. I clutched tight to Rae’s Minnie doll looking out the large windows and saw large colorful hot air balloons suspended from the ceiling. The people roaming the halls were cheery in a way that kind of made me […]

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Cry Out.

“MOMMY. NO!” Once. MOMMYYYYYY. NO.” Twice. “MOMMY!” Three times. “MOMMY! I. WANT. GO. HOME! GO NOW!” A fourth, a fifth, and a sixth time. Rae continued to cry out most of the morning. She was begging and pleading with me to let her leave the brightly colored halls of Children’s National Medical Center. She cried […]

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Why I Can’t Shut Up About My Marathon.

I’m having a perfectly normal conversation. We are talking about her daughter’s love for Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. And I’m just waiting for something, anything that I could possibly use as a segue to mention it. And there it is! “Yeah she just runs around singing the ‘Grown-Ups Come Back’ song all day long!” OH THANK […]

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Good for Her, Not for me.

I have a love/hate relationship with social media. I mean, yes, obviously I love seeing random people I don’t know fight about politics on someone else’s status. And who doesn’t enjoy all the random Buzzfeed articles about how you know you were born in the 90’s, and answers to quizzes about what fictional character that […]

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I’ve been doing something lately I always thought was a urban legend. Something people talked about, but it didn’t really exist. Much like the Bermuda Triangle or Walt Disney being frozen, (though, part of me hopes this is true.) I didn’t know this was something that actually happened. Well, really, its not one thing, but […]

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