Hey. I’m Melissa, but you have to call me M.

I’m 24 and marrihhhhed to the boy who sat across the room from me in our high school physics class. That would be Big S. We have 2 crazies, Little S (3) and Rae (almost 2).

My story started as a big, fat cliché. I, a preachers daughter, got knocked up first semester, second year at college. When I was 6 months pregnant, Big S and I said “We do.” We lived in my parents basement with Little S. Big S got a job shortly before Little S turned one. We moved out and said “Hey, you  know what would be fun? If we had TWO babies less than 2 years apart. Also, let’s never sleep ever again and maybe buy some stock in red wine.”  So then came Rae.

So why keep a blog? Because I like to write about fancy things like eating  vegetables, doing medical stuff I’m not qualified to do (See: Rae), and training for marathons. I also like to write about non fancy things, like how my legs are so big they make me look like I have silicone thigh implants and how Rae thinks it’s funny to throw stuffed animals in the toilet while Little S makes snide comments about how my stomach is as bouncy as a trampoline (He’s kind of rude).

So take a look around, feel better about your own life by laughing at the madness of having 2 by 22.


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