Life Update

Now that I’m done being whine-y and dramatic about missing my sister I guess I should talk about all the wonderful things that have happened since we moved!

I’ll start with Spencer. Spencer is doing really well at the new Carmax. He likes his coworkers and has been getting really positive feedback about what an asset he is to the team down here! When he first got the job offer we were a little leery about the change in how his pay would work (he was used to hourly plus overtime, and here he makes commission) but he is doing really, really well and working so hard. We’re all really proud of him.



Sam started Kindergarten and has been loving that. He’s learning to read sight words and can sound out words he wants to spell. We had an incident with the bus the second day of school, but that’s a story for a different day. However, that forced me get to know the school staff pretty quickly and they are all really wonderful. We just had a parent teacher conference and Sam is ahead of schedule for reading and writing and is scoring above average on all his tests (I didn’t even know they tested Kindergarteners). He is still obsessed with Star Wars and legos. I think he made the transition down here pretty well. He does ask fairly often about going back to Virginia and will say things like “I don’t have my Nonna Bella and Zeyda down here in Florida” or will ask when he will have a playdate with Amelie again soon, so that’s a little tough and makes me feel guilty. But he get’s to see his Auntie Bubba way more often and she spoils them like crazy, so that helps!





Rae is still sassy as ever. She’s made a few friends down here and we’ve been able to go to quite a few playdates and MOPS meetings. She has a really hard time with the childcare at our new church, but we’re working on it. Health wise, she’s doing fairly well! She is now on feeding tube day feeds for usually just around 4 hours total while she’s awake, which is pretty flexible with our schedule and the rest we are able to do overnight. She is starting to gain back some of the weight that she lost when we first moved, but still has about a half a pound to go to be back to where she was. The doctors here at Nemours are amazing. They have been so helpful and proactive. Her geneticist here started her on high doses of CoQ-10. We were able to see an endocrinologist, who said that though her growth hormone levels were very low we were going to give it 6 months before jumping the gun on hormone replacement therapies, which we are so happy about! All the doctors we have seen so far have been very understanding with what we’ve dealt with the past few years and have been more than happy to let us do some of the testing they want to be done on our schedule. In Virginia we had the issue of every time we saw a specialist they wanted to do lab draws even if she was about to see another doctor the next week who would probably want labs as well. Nemours has given me scripts for labs to do all together so we don’t have to subject Rae to labs every single time she has a doctor appointment.




I’m doing well, despite my sadness of missing my family. I joined a MOPS group, it’s really different than the one I’m used to, but the ladies are so sweet! And I really feel like people here are making an effort to include me in things. I’m still running. I found a Moms Run This Town group who meets in the mornings and joined the YMCA here. They let you drop off kids at the gym then run on the trails outside rather than being forced to run on the treadmill, which is magical! Also, there’s like a million running/bike trails around here. I did get a solid Boston Qualifying time at Chicago earlier this month, which was really exciting after being cut from next years race. If you don’t know how Boston works, you have to qualify by reaching a certain standard based off age and gender. And then they do a rolling admission from the fastest qualifiers until they reach capacity. So even though you qualified, which is a big deal in itself, it doesn’t mean you actually get in. Unfortunately I was cut since I only made the qualifying time by 1:38 (and you had to run 2:09 faster to get a spot this year). At Chicago I reached the qualifying standard by over 7 minutes so I should have no problem getting in next year!


We have found a church we like. We church shopped a little bit, but the community at UPC seemed like the best fit for us. They have a playgroup that meets every week as well as a MOPS group, so there’s lots of young families we hope to get to know better.

Of course we’ve been to Disney several times. We’re really lucky that Becca works there (and has been wanting to have the babies over for sleepovers!) and has friends who are kind enough to get us in with their passes. We are hoping to buy annual passes within the next few months so we can take the kids whenever we want. If it was up to me, we would be there twice a week. Or just live in the castle.



And lastly, we’ve had Spencer’s sister, Mia visit twice! And Sharon, Spencer’s mom was able to come for a whole week earlier this month!



Yes, we miss family and lots of things about Woodbridge. But this move was a really good decision for our family. We have become even closer as a family.  Spencer and I are really happy we made our dream of moving to Florida come true.


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