Bugs and Bees and Nonstop Crying.

Last Tuesday night, around 4/4:30 I heard Rae scream in incredible pain. I ran down stairs to find her sitting on her tricycle grabbing her legs saying “BEES! BEES!” I immediately got her off the tricycle and started searching for a bug or bee that may have stung her, while she sat sobbing, grabbing at her legs. Nothing. I searched over her feet and legs, looking for a bite mark or a stinger or something she may have stepped on. Nothing. She kept screaming and hitting her legs and screaming over and over and over about bees and bugs and saying her legs hurt. I brought her upstairs to comfort her, and she calmed down for a minute. I put her down for a second, she readjusted herself on the couch and immediately started screaming again, talking about bugs on her legs and saying they hurt. She did this every few minutes for almost 2 hours. Almost non-stop crying for the entire time. She couldn’t and wouldn’t walk. Every time she tried to stand she’d fall over screaming again about her legs and feet hurting.

After the first hour I called her doctor. The office was closed so they let me talk to an on call nurse who said I could take her into the ER for an xray to make sure there was no fracture (she was sitting when it all started, that wouldn’t make sense) or she could have a psych evaluation (yeah okay…she’s 2). The next day she kept doing it. Every hour or so she’ll be walking totally fine, and then one minute she’ll look down at her legs and scream in pain saying “THE BUGS THE BUGS THE BUGS! BUGS ON MY LEGS” and sit down and refuse to walk. I took her in to the doctor and her usual pediatrician wasn’t there, so we saw a new doctor who chalked it up to her being itchy. Which annoyed me. She’s obviously not itchy and is in some serious pain.

So that’s what we’ve been dealing with the past 5 days. Every few hours she’ll just start screaming about bugs crawling on her. It’s very obvious there’s something not right. I called her neurologist this morning and left a message with her nurse. They just called me back and told me we need to go to the emergency room and be admitted for 24 hours for a video EEG, and possibly some other tests to get this figured out. With the staring off (possible seizures), and now this, her neuro said it’s a lot of changes happening really fast and we need to get it figured out soon.


So friends, please be praying for us. This will be Rae’s 4th admittance to the hospital and it’s never easy. She’s going to be hooked up to who knows what, for who knows how long and I can’t imagine either of us are going to get much sleep.


God is our refuse and strength, an ever present help in trouble. Psalm 46:1



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