It Works Giveaway!

About 2 weeks ago, a friend of mine came over bearing gifts. (My favorite types of visits!) Kari recently started working with It Works. It Works is a company that sells health and energy supplements. They have facial wraps and peels and of course, those crazy wrap things. I know you’ve seen the pictures like I have of all those before and after belly pictures.


Results from Kari’s team!



It looks like a bunch of bologna. Like it looks like there’s no way that would work. I’ll admit it, which is why I had never tried it. But Kari gave me one and I can vouch for them.

I wrote on Facebook in the end of February saying “Note to self: my post-partum body and low rise jeans don’t mix. Back to yoga pants and the muffin top tuck it is!” So embarrassing.

I wrapped with the wrap Kari gave me, which is an event in itself. Wrapping yourself in saran wrap is one of the most idiotic feeling things ever. Which obviously requires posting a picture of.


So I wore the wrap for 2 hours. It says between 45 minutes and up to 8 hours is the typical time range. I guess I didn’t read the instructions, because it just said to drink water while you’re wearing it…but I ate a soy chorizo burrito instead.

Regardless of the burrito situation, I actually saw pretty awesome results.

I’m not comfortable sharing my entire mid-drift for the entire internet to see, but I will share this:


Yes, those are the same low rise jeans I spoke of with no muffin top. WHAT WHAT?! My waist looked more cinched in and my stomach was flatter. I was actually pretty shocked!

So all this is to say, it DOES work. And Kari is graciously giving a spa basket of It Works products to one of my readers! She said she has a facial peel, a lip and eye cream and an exfoliating peel to giveaway!

All you have to do to enter is go to her website¬†and leave a comment with one item you think looks interesting! Super simple! If you’re local to northern VA, Kari has a special running for March Maddness and I can totally get you in contact with her via Facebook or email. Giveaway will be ending on Sunday at Noon and a winner picked by 6 PM!

Check out below for more awesome results from It Works products.

image (61)

image (60) image (59) image (58) image (56) image (55)


Good Luck and happy shopping!


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