I love Disney World.
I could only vacation to Disney for the rest of my life and still love it.
I’m a Becker by marriage, but still a Bearden, so Disney runs through my blood (or I was brainwashed as a small child. Not sure.)
So we took the kids again.
This is Little S’s fourth time and Rae’s second. My goal is for them to go to Disney at least 20 times before they graduate.
We are making good time on that one.

We had 7 full days with my sister, 6 days in the park, 5 nightly interruptions from Rae, 4 Mickey bars for Little S, 3 meltdowns, 2 days of driving and 1 flu. (“One flu?” I’m bad at sentences.)

The kids had an absolute blast this time. We went with no real expectations, no pressure to make anyone happy but the kids (as opposed to our big family trips, which is hard to coordinate 12 people all with different expectations of what we NEED to do.)
So in that respect, we could have just wandered around the parks watching Rae lose her mind over any and every Elsa/Rapunzel/Ariel thing, and listening to Little S give us a full detailed run down of everything he had already done, and it would have been a successful trip.
But we actually got a lot done.
Actually, we got it all done. Everything we wanted to do was seen /rode at least once. And I even got some good pictures. What what?!

Buy ALL the Frozen things.
Toy Story Mania was ALL Little S talked about the past month.

Rapunzel’s tower

Little S was surprisingly tall enough to ride Star Tours with Big S. I remember walking around Disney on our honeymoon and Big S talking about how excited he was for Little S to be big enough to ride this.

Look at that face. Look at it!

Disney haircut on Mainstreet. Had to get the pixie dust, obviously.

The kids absolutely loved seeing Auntie Bubba all week.

Look at that stud. 

But of course we’re Beckers…so it wasn’t all smiles.

Whatever. It was magical.


Just a heads up, this week will be filled with posts about Disney. I couldn’t find much about tube feeding at Disney, being vegan at Disney, and I’ve had quite a few people ask for tips for planning a trip for toddlers. So be prepared to be flooded with my Disney trip all up in your face. You’re welcome in advance.

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