19 days.
We go to Disney World in 19 days.

I know, I know. You don’t care.
Or you’re angry we’re going again.
(Yes, we just went in March)

But this time it’s just the 4 of us.
We’ll get to visit my sister, Becca for a full week, check out some potential areas we may want to move to, visit some old friends and of course GO TO DISNEY WORLD.

Originally we were going to wait until just a week out to tell the kids, because I have a feeling I’m going to have to answer “Are we going today?!” about a million times. Then we moved it to 2 weeks out. But after yesterday we just wanted a little joy after the chaos.

So today it is!

The reaction from Little S was unexpected.

Well, not completely unexpected. Note to all, don’t show your easily frightened child the Festival of Fantasy parade days before you tell them they’re going to Disney. All he has talked about lately is the scary dragon.
(This one.)
But within a few minutes, I think it finally clicked for him.

(“Auntie Bubba” is what the kids call my sister.)

Okay, so here’s a few pictures of how we told them:

Yes, I know. My handwriting is terrible.

This is our countdown. Monorail going to Mickey’s castle. I just took some pictures out of their coloring book (What kind of monster steals from their kids coloring books?!) I suspect it will take them no less than 24 hours to destroy this.

The Disney Store had the throws and sweaters on sale from $20 down to $12, then I had a 25% off coupon so I ended up getting each sweater and throw for only $9. The rest are things I found in the dollar spot at Target: Disney cups, socks, board books and activity packs, the baskets are from the dollar store. Planning on filling the buckets with more snacks and a few more treats for the drive down, which is 14 hours.

Crate paper, balloons, foam board and table cloth all from the dollar store.

Used our Disney mugs, obviously.

We let them watch the Disney Junior live show from Hollywood Studios during breakfast. I even made Mickey pancakes, so fancy!
Oh, and before you think it all went so seamlessly…
I, like a genius, put a cup full of water in front of a one year old and expected her not to spill it all over herself.
Then that same one year old was not happy about taking pictures.
I’m thinking that last picture will be a better representation of what taking 2 small children to Disney World will be like…
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