Toy Story Party

Little S turned 3 on Thursday.
I know.
I sobbed too.

He, like 99% of all boys, is OBSESSED with anything Toy Story and Buzz Lightyear. He woke up on his birthday saying “It’s my birthday! I get ALL the Toy Story presents!”
And he did.

For his party, I made him a Buzz rocket ship out of an old guitar box.

The paint job needs to be touched up, or I may just try to make a wooden one to make it last longer. Little S lost his mind when he saw it. Loved it. Has held up through 13 kids messing with it today though!
My momma used to make cakes as a business, so she made this AWESOME Buzz cake!

Like my “Sunnyside” box??! An ode to Toy Story 3, Little S’s favorite of all 3 movies.

My dad spotted a firetruck right outside the cul-de-sac, so we went to say hi. They let the kiddos run around and get in it. They said if you call the firestation and they’re not busy, they’ll come out to your house (for free obviously) and let the kiddos check out the inside of the truck! Awesome!
We returned the favor with huge pieces of cake.

I found the props for the pictures here! I just used some chopsticks for the sticks.
The banner and backdrop I found at
We had a fantastic party! Little S has some great friends who celebrated with him!
Now time for naps for all.
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