Disney Magic.

We went to Disney World.
For 6 days.
Drove 1634 miles.
Slept about 18 hours (total).
Slept all 4 of us in one room.
And a total of 10 people (4 children under 3) in one 3 bedroom townhouse.
Spent way too much money.
Ate way too few Mickey bars.
There were many tears and tantrums- including a few of my own.
But we’re home now.
And it was worth it.

When I say there were tantrums, I mean like full blown crying fits from Little S. Why? Because he hates happiness apparently.
“Let’s go ride a ride!”
“I promise it’s fun!”
“It’s not fun”
But we made him do it anyway, because we’re THOSE parents. You will ride Nemo and Friends and you will like it or so help me Mickey I will never play “Let it Go” for you every again, Little S.
Don’t even get me started on the characters. Both Rae and Little S would be so pumped to see them while we were in line, while the characters were a good 10 feet away. Then when we got up close Rae would scream and Little S would just throw his autograph book at them and sit about 5 feet away while we attempted to coax him close enough to get a picture. This happened with every character except Snow White. Little S liked Snow White. He liked her so much all the pictures I have of him with her he has his hands in his pants.

Rae decided Disney World was so magical that she doesn’t need food to sustain herself. She barely drinks 8 ounces of formula a day and throws 97% of her food on the floor. Which means I have to do more hours of NG feeds. I decided a day at the parks was the perfect time to attempt a gravity bag feed for the first time! Nothing could go wrong, I just have no idea how to use it and it’s hot and I didn’t bring extra clothes for anyone! Perfect! So of course I put the flow too fast, she vomitted all over Big S and our Ergo (better him than me, right?). I don’t know if you’ve ever smelled Elecare formula, but I can assure you, it’s smells 32 times worse coming up.
Also it smells pretty rancid coming out of her tube too. Did you even know that was possible? Yes, if the port on her tube comes open when she’s not hooked up to the pump it will come out of the port and her formula/stomach juices will leak all over her clothes. It smells like a truck filled with fish water, eggs, and vinegar. You can almost smell it through the computer, can’t you? You’re welcome.

But despite the lack of sleep, the screaming, and the vomit and tube issues, we had a great time. We made a ton of wonderful memories I’ll never forget.
Like how every time Little S saw Ariel he said “Look it’s mommy!” I’m just so glad all my red lipstick and time spent serenading fish didn’t go to waste. Or when we watched the fireworks and halfway through he looked at me and said “Oh wow, fireworks! Thank you!” like I had somehow orchestrated the whole thing for him. Or all the extra snuggles with Rae that I’m usually too busy for at home. Or all the dirty diapers I could ask Big S to change. I even enjoyed the 17 hour car ride last night when I could spend hours talking and catching up with Big S. And I will never forget the lady in line for Ariel who talked to me about her tubie baby and said “Isn’t it such a blessing we can help feed our babies?” and helped me completely change my outlook on Rae’s tube.

And now, we’re tired.

I’m sad to retire my “princess Minnie” ears, as Little S called them. But soon enough we’ll be heading down to look for our place to call home.


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