Ham Makes Me Want to Punch Myself in the Face.

If I could sum up Little S in one picture, this would be it:

No pants.
Long sleeve shirt that he insisted on wearing on a 90 degree day.
One fist clenching a peace-offered apple, the other he dramatically punches himself in the face with.
Mouth full of ham that he refuses to swallow.
We spent ten minutes saying the same thing 
“Babe, just finish your ham and you can have an apple.” 
“NONONONONONONONONO,” he’d mumble with his mouth full.
“Eat it.”
Then I’d turn around to do dishes and I could see him out of the corner of my eye chewing.
Little S LIKES ham.
Only a 2 year old would deprive themselves of food they enjoy just to spite someone else.
I’ll admit, I admire his tenacity.
The kid is borderline psychotic on good days and manic evil genius every other day.
I asked him who his best friend was and he says “Rae-yen my best friend. Rae-yen crying. I like it.” then hugs her.  And when I say “hug” I mean attempt to pull her towards him and almost ripping her head off. 
Then when she’s nursing and pinching my arms, which she has a terrible habit of doing, I’ll let out an involuntary scream and Little S will maniacally laugh. “Mommy feed Rae-yen.  Feed Rae-yen balloons. Haha YEAH! RAE-YEN’S BALLOONS!” Yeah…he calls them balloons, it’s too hilarious to correct him.
I sit and watch him run and spin and throw himself on the ground and run and run and run.  And it’s exhausting.  I couldn’t imagine the physical toll that kind of activity would do on my old and frail 22 year old body.  But at least once a day I look at him and think I’ve messed him up somewhere.  Either by his behavior, or mine.

Note, you probably shouldn’t laugh when your kids fall.  It’s kind of evil.
But when the kid isn’t breaking my house and my soul, he’s a straight up genius.  He can identify every letter of the alphabet.  He apparently knows his left from his right (I don’t remember teaching him that. Thank you, TV).  He can count to 20.  He says please and thank you (occasionally).  He’s learning new things everyday.  And he loves helping me with Rae.  Which makes me think, maybe I didn’t screw him up after all.
Oh one more thing before nap time is over:
Shameless I-have-a-gorgeous-baby bragging.
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