Family Pictures

I’m a big fan of having my picture taken.
It makes me feel famous.

I’ve literally used Tim Riddick Photography 7 times in the past 3 years.  He shot our engagement photos, our wedding photos and 5 family sessions for us.

I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to take a picture of a 2 year old, but it’s a painful.  Whenever I try to get pictures of him both of us end up in tears by the end.  But I was determined to get good pictures this time.  I packed my bags full of smarties and lollipops and all his Lightning McQueen cars.  I told him if he was good he could get a cupcake afterwards.  I get in the car with both kids looking rather adorable, might I say, call Big S and brag about getting everything together and how cute the pictures will be.  I mean, I bought us coordinating outfits, naturally.  Then it hit me.  I FORGOT BIG S’S CLOTHES AT HOME.
SERIOUSLY?!  I really just wanted to sob.  I did so good packing everything up!  Spent weeks finding us the perfect outfits!  Just to forget them at home.
So in all the pictures Big S is really just wearing his work clothes, which I guess worked out he was at least wearing navy.
But I digress.
Tim is so awesome he cropped the Carmax logo out of most the shots.

Enough talk.
His work speaks for itself.
Also, we’re kind of a cute family.

Love it.

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