Little S turns 2 in less than 2 weeks.

It’s hard to believe how much has changed for us in such a short amount of time.
When Little S was first born, we had only been married for 4 months.  We were living in my parents basement.  And we had NO clue what we were doing (still don’t.).
I married Big S because he was my very best friend.  He knew everything about me, and still loved me.  He made me laugh and made feel whole.  But, I will forever stay married to him for completely different reasons.  I watched Big S go through the biggest changes in life.  I’ve seen him become a husband who puts me first and a father who not only “sticks around” with the girl he unintentionally (I think…) knocked up, but is a real father to our kids.  He is the type of man I never knew I needed, but now couldn’t imagine living without.
2 years ago we were in my parents basement.  One bedroom and surrounded by the lingering stench of cat litter.  We lived there until Little S was almost 1 saving up and making it work until we could live comfortably on our own.  We moved into a 2 bedroom apartment, and it was nice.  Then Little S turned one and I said “We should totally have another baby”, then Big S sneezed and I got pregnant (This is how babies are made.).  And now we’re here in our little townhouse.  It’s nice having so much more room.  We went from a messy TINY 2 bedroom apartment, to a 3 floor messy townhouse.  It’s super awesome to have 3 floors.  More room to make a mess of.
2 years ago I had a baby.  And for some reason I thought that was stressful.  You know what babies do?  They sleep, eat, poop and cry.  But mostly sleep and eat.  And while yes, that can be rather daunting, it’s nothing compared to the running, breaking and just flat our terrorizing that Little S does now.  I remember sitting in the hospital after Rae was born and was like, “Man, you’re BORING, Raelyn. Why did I think this was stressful last time?”.  Because I didn’t know that all the times I coaxed Little S into crawling/walking/jumping/spinning/screeching that it would come back and bite me in the butt.  I learned my lesson though.  This time, when Rae decides she wants to crawl/walk/jump/spin/screech I will put a stop to it immediately.  Rae will be the perfect little child that only sits and speaks when spoken to.  But that probably won’t be because of anything I do.  It’s probably because this magic video I keep playing for her when she cries that is undoubtedly brain washing her.  But whatevz.  It puts her to sleep.

I still remember those first few months after Little S was born.  I was honestly terrified to let anyone hold him.  Especially my parents.  I figured since we lived with them and Little S saw them so often that he would get confused and think they were his parents.  Now I’m like, there’s no way my kids would think they belong to someone else.  No one else can yell at them love them like I do.
I still find it overwhelming that everything I have now is all based on this:
That crazy little boy pulling my hair like his life depends on it, while I laugh to keep myself from crying, is the reason we are in our lives where we are now.  
I know Big S and I would have been engaged at this point.  I would have had a degree in my hand.  And I probably would be more concerned about getting a job than starting our family.  
But that tiny little boy changed that for me.  At a time that seemed so very, very wrong.  It wasn’t our plan, but it was His.  And He knows what he’s doing far better than I do.
Happy (almost) birthday, bud.  You are the craziest, loudest, toughest, lovable little man.
You drive me crazy.
You jump on me when I’m exhausted.
You throw awful tantrums.
You make me cry.
You test my patience.
You constantly feel sticky.
You break my things.
But you above all, make me laugh, smile, and love like I never knew I could.
You make me who I am today.
God has blessed us so incredibly much to trust us with you, the most precious gift in the world.

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