My Insanity Journey, as if Having 2 Under 2 Wasn’t Enough…. (Part 3)


That’s pretty much the best and easiest way to sum up Month 2 of Insanity.
It is NO JOKE.
They trick you with that recovery week.  It was a short 40 minute workout that focuses a lot on core and balancing (Maybe that’s why they call the workout Cardio Core and Balance?).  I ended up running 4 times that week just because I felt like I wasn’t really even working out by doing that video.
Then 2 days before Month 2 I started looking up reviews on it.  And pretty much everything I read said “You’re going to die”

The night before I started this is what I felt like:

So I kissed my kids and Big S goodbye and put in the first DVD.
Day 1: Max Interval Circuit:  The workout starts like all the other ones, a few jumping jacks here, a jog in place there and then they hit you with the side to side floor hops.  I should have known when I tried to do these, and after doing about 6 I was exhausted that this workout was probably going to kill me, but I pressed on.  Warm up, stretch, and onto the real exercise.  The circuits are longer.  At least 4 minutes each and you’re supposed to push yourself to the max on every single exercise.  There was the pedal (jumping lunges and sprints), ski abs, push up jacks, in and out abs, oblique push ups, power strike and frog jumps.  Then a break, a break that is FAR too short for any normal human being.  Then repeat twice, then next circuit, which repeated three times.  Small break then on to the next circuit which was side suicide jumps (these are AWFUL), squat hooks, level 3 drills, and plank punches.  Which is where your in a plank and you punch your hands out.  Little S got in front of me while I was doing these one time and I accidentally punched him in the calf.  Fortunately this was at the very, very end of my workout so it was the most sissy punch anyone has ever seen and Little S just laughed.
So that whole workout was an hour long of death.  I’ve never sweat so much in my entire life.
Oh, and they want you to do the fit test on this day too.  Which I did not do, I did it on my rest day the day before instead of doing 2 workouts in one day, ain’t nobody got time for that.

Day 2: Max Plyo:  Plyometrics are dumb.  It’s like someone was doing a workout and thought, “This workout made me almost puke and pass out.  Ya know what would make this suck even more?  If we JUMPED while doing this.”  And thus, plyometrics were started.  So that’s what like, 90% of this workout was.  Switch JUMPS, power JUMPS, globe twists (AKA JUMPS), power lunges, HOP squats, diamond JUMPS, pogo JUMPS.  Terrible.  Absolutely terrible.  I’m woman enough to admit that about 3/4ths of the way through this video I laid down on the ground and honestly was on the verge of tears.  BUT, I got back up and finished.  THEN cried.

Day 3: Max Cardio Conditioning:  Remember how I said Pure Cardio was the worst?  I lied.  THIS is the worst.  It’s 49 minutes long and it’s to the max cardio.   The warm up is cardio, then stretch then 25 straight minutes of kick your butt cardio conditioning.  I wore my fancy pants heart rate monitior when I was doing this and it calculated that I burned over 900 calories during this workout (Yes, I know this is an estimation, but I like to think that I am a super human and burned that much.) then I went out the Cheesecake Factory and ate this:

This piece of cheesecake is 1,188 calories. 
Yeah, I totally ate the whole thing (Minus the 2 bites I saved for Big S, which when I brought it home he was slightly disgusted with my gluttony.)  The workout itself is pretty much all the other intervals combined, doing each exercise a minute each.  It’s terrible because you get to the point of utter exhaustion then you look at the timer clicking down and it’s says 38 minutes left and you just want to punch Shaun T in the face.
Day 4: Max Recovery:  I hate this about Insanity.  “Recovery” workouts.  Working out is not recovering.  Taking a 3 hour nap is recovering.  Eating copious amounts of spaghetti is recovering.  Working out, is not recovering.  This workout was a lot of intense core work and balancing and a lot of super tight leggings on a grown man.
Also, a lot of abs that will NEVER appear on my body, regardless of how many oblique crunches I do.
Moving on.
Day 5:  Max Interval Circuit again, still hard and miserable.

Day 6: Plyo Circuit again. BOOOO.
Day 7: Rest.
Day 8: Max Cardio, I think I only took 18 breaks this time instead of 42.
Day 9: Max Interval Circuit, the weird thing is, even after doing these same 5 workouts everyday, I always forget what’s coming.  I’m strangely not bored of them and still on my toes about whats to come next.
Day 10: Max Plyo, I think I’m declaring this one my least favorite.  Because even though Max Cardio you get no breaks, this one is SO long.
Day 11: Was supposed to be Max Recovery, instead I ran almost 3 miles.  Then ate WAYYYYY too much cake and M&Ms.
Day 12: Max Cardio AND Cardio Abs.  I’ve actually only completed cardio abs once.  I workout when  Rae is sleeping and Little S is eating breakfast/doing puzzles or watching Youtube (Depending on the length of the video, if it’s the longer ones I wait til he’s napping.)  I tried to do cardio abs, I really did, but Rae started screaming bloody murder like, 3 minutes into it.  It’s almost as if she knows my stomach is ruined from stretch marks and having babies so she’s just kind of telling me to give up on the concept of having a non-mom stomach.
Day 13: Cardio core and balance, the recovery week workout.
Day 14: Rest.

I just completed day 15 of Month 2 and have redone my measurements and am still losing inches off my body.  I started Insanity not only because I wanted to lose the baby weight quickly, but because I wanted to prove to myself that I could.  It’s a love/hate relationship with this workout, but I already know I’m going to do it again.  It’s the kind of workout that people like to either applaud you or scoff at you for what you put yourself through.  All I know is that either way you take it, I’m working for the body I want and pushing myself to give me a better sense of confidence.

13 days left to dig deeper.


I’ve had a few people ask me about my diet and how I make time for working out.  Sound off in the comments if you have any other questions and I’ll answer them when I update on my final results!

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