And So the Terrible Two’s Begin….

Little S turns two in less than a month.
But this:

makes me think he’s been two for the past few months.

I’m terrified of two.

Yeah, he’s adorable, in like, 5 second increments, followed by 6 straight hours of trying to make my house look like an episode of Hoarders combined with the amount of yelling and drama as spanish soap opera (and sometimes I feel the same amount of betrayal from Little S too.  POR QUE, SAMSON?!).
It’s been a pretty big struggle with him recently.  And it’s surprisingly not anything towards Rae.  I always expected him to like, terrorize her, but he doesn’t.  Instead he terrorizes me.  I’ve literally had days where I’ve had 5 cups of coffee in an hour just to try to keep up with Little S.  And I still can’t do it.  The kid can run.  Literally, he can run circles around me all day.

Everyday is a little game called “Guess Why I’m Crying, Mommy?”.  Today’s reasons for a meltdown included:
waking up,
Raelyn was sleeping,
being put into the car seat,
being taken out of the car seat,
I wouldn’t let him eat a pretzel that fell on the ground,
the spaghetti he was eating was sticky,
I stopped blowing bubbles for 2 seconds to get more bubble detergent,
he ate all his fruit snacks,
he wanted his Buzz Lightyear cup,
I put on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse instead of Octonauts,
he left his blanket upstairs,
and my personal favorite,
he couldn’t find his juice cup…which was literally right in front of his face.

So I’ve had Little S and his tantrums every 3 minutes, and then I’ve got Rae, who wants to nurse every hour and a half.  And every time she nurses I feel like it is LITERALLY draining all my energy from me.  And then I drink more coffee, which leads to her not napping and instead just screaming at me.

Children are EXHAUSTING.

But then, stuff like this happens.

(For the record, he’s kissing her, not smothering her.)

And I remember why I love them so much.

Also, wine.  
Wine helps.


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