1 VS 2.

Rae is 2 and a half months old now.  I stupidly believed someone when they told me it gets easier when the little one is 2 months.  LIES.  It’s still hard.

There’s so many differences now than when I just had Little S.
When I Want to Shower:
Just Little S:  Wait patiently until he falls asleep, set the baby monitor up and bring it to the bathroom to shower.
Rae and Little S:  Put Little S in the pack and play, plop him in front of the TV and let him scream and let Rae scream in her bassinet, while I sob for a lengthy 4 minutes while attempting to wash the spit up/syrup/drool out of my hair.
Just Little S:  All 3 of us would eat together, at the same time, same table, every night.
Rae and Little S:  Get Little S’s food ready, get our food ready, feed Little S, hold Rae while finishing getting our food onto plates shovel food into my mouth while standing above everyone else eating and doing terrorist negotiations with Little S to get him to eat his food.
Going Out:
Just Little S:  Get stuff together, out the door within 15 minutes.
Rae and Little S:  Pack Little S’s bag, pack Rae’s bag, pack Little S’s snacks, feed Rae, get Little S dressed again, change Rae’s spit up clothes, AND get out the door about an hour late for whatever event I’m leaving for.
Just Little S:  “Let’s try to limit his TV watching to 35 minutes a day!”
Rae and Little S:  I honestly wish Little S would watch TV for even 15 minutes a day.  He’s too busy running and taking out every single toy he owns out of every bin that he can’t even sit still for a second.  Yet, somehow the TV is on every minute of the day in hopes that he will sit for even 15 seconds of that 20 minute episode of Octonauts so I can run to the bathroom to pee.
Just Little S:  Nap time is from 1-3:30, every day and during that time I can get laundry, dishes, vacuum, prep dinner AND write sonnets professing my undying love for Big S every day during that time.  Pure BLISS.
Rae and Little S:  Little S goes down and approximately 34 seconds later Rae wakes up and starts screaming and insists on being held until around…eh 3:28.  Right when Little S wakes up.
Wearing Nice Clothes:
Just Little S:  Nope.  Ruined with sticky hands before we even get out the door.
Rae and Little S:  Nope.  Ruined before I even get it on myself.
Just Little S:  Exhausting and took forever to establish.
Rae and Little S:  Exhausting and awkward when Little S can’t help but try to “help” me.
Just Little S:  Google.  Google everything.  Little S sneezed?  Google and a doctor visit.  Little S slept an extra 30 minutes?  Google.  And a doctor visit.  Little S has a runny nose?  Google and a doctor visit.
Rae and Little S:  Meh, it’s probably a growth spurt.
Holding my babies:
Just Little S:  Don’t you dare walk away with my kid.  He’s going to get confused and forget I’m his mom.  (true story.)
Rae and Little S:  Yes, hold her.  Hold her for 5 minutes.  Hold her for an hour, I don’t care.  I have 2 free hands!  I can get so many things done!  Give me a minute and I’ll show you how quickly I can do 3 loads of laundry and the dishes and prep dinner.
Quality time:
Little S:  Big S and I had date nights at least once a month, sometimes more.
Rae and Little S:  Nope.  No date nights.  Between his work and my exhaustion we talk for about 30 minutes every night then pass out.  At least we have a good 8 hours of sleeping next to each other.  That’s kinda like a date, right?
Just Little S:  Oh my gosh, I love you SO MUCH.  You’re the best thing in my life.
Rae and Little S:  I love you AND you so much. You’ve both made my life more amazing than I could have ever imagined.

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