The Thing About 2 is…

I’ve recently discovered that having 2 kids is definitely a different ball game than 1.  I know, you’re like , “Melissa, you’re an idiot.  We all know that.”  But for some reason it took me about 8 weeks to figure this out. And now I’m definitely aware that I am outnumbered and severely under-caffeinated.
The thing about having 2 kids is that you cannot be off your game for even a mili-second.
Otherwise this will happen:

And this:

And also this:

And this:
It’s wonderful.
Everything is a mess.  Always.
And I’ve decided to share all that with you to make you feel better about yourselves.  You’re welcome.  You’re a much better mother than me.

We recently changed Little S from a crib to a big boy bed.
Which means that now he isn’t confined in his room anymore.
It also means that I put him to bed like this:

And he wakes up like this:

(Can’t see him in all those blankets?  Me either.  He’s in there somewhere.)
And every time he goes to his room, all I hear is about 40 minutes of “Lightning? Mader. Lightning? Mader. Car. Car. Car. Car. Lightning! MCQUEEN!” Then eventually he passes out.
And when he wakes up all I hear is “My baby? My baby?” and wants to go look at Rae.
He’s obsessed.  I LOVE that he loves his sister.  I really do, but he’s SO in love, he’s like, almost psychotic. The moment he sees her he just feels an overwhelming urge to gouge her eyes out.  Out of love, of course.
(Amazing camera skills by yours truly.  I think the finger covering the camera adds a nice touch.)
Aw, so cute and sweet right?
Look at this.
Look at the grin as he goes for the eye gouge!  It’s like he wants me to have heart attacks daily and to never ever be able to get anything done.  Ever.
It’s amazing what I can accomplish in 5 minutes now, I can get 4 loads of laundry folded and put away, the dishes done, dinner cooked and the floor vacuumed, if someone holds Rae and watches Little S, when it used to take me 4 hours to get that done with just Little S.  Also, I can sneak in consuming an entire pan of brownies in that time too.  Priorities usually result in me eating the brownies though…
BTW, Insanity is insane.  And awesome.  And I’m totally not quitting.  
Update on that next time both children nap at the same time.
More cuteness, I can’t help it:

Hopefully next time I post, Rae will still have 2 eyes.

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