A Day.

I’ve actually been getting out of the house every day.
This is pretty huge considering Rae is only 16 days old.

But it seems like every time I leave the house I see someone I know.  Which quickly results in the “So…how are things going?” question.  In which, instead of giving them a full run down of my day, I swiftly reply “Pretty well, all things considered!”

Which isn’t a lie.  Things are going pretty well, all things considered.
When you consider the fact that I have a toddler who isn’t quite 2 who I’m pretty sure is striving to be exactly like Sid from Toy Story.  And a 2 week old who spends about 60% of her time nursing, giving me only one free hand and an awkward over exposed situation for Little S to take advantage of my handicap.  Also, we’re attempting to get everything together for a move here in, oh, 3 weeks.  And yeah, let’s add in the fact that I’m getting over the noroviris and Big S currently has a bacterial infection of his throat too.
So yeah, we’re doing pretty good.

But then my really good friends ask me what my day looks like.
And I have to tell them.

Well, I get up at night, change Rae, feed Rae, burp Rae, back to sleep for 3-4 hours. Repeat. Until it’s an acceptable time to wake up for Little S.  Then I throw Little S whatever food I can find in the fridge and plop him in front of the TV while I attempt to shower.  But after about, eh, 46 seconds either Rae or Little S has beckoned.  Usually it’s Little S with his tiny little head poking in to the shower “MA?”. Seriously kid?  Can’t you watch Little Einsteins for more than a minute without getting bored?

So then I get myself ready.  Which prompts Rae to spit up directly on my freshly washed hair and shirt. Naturally.  Nothing like smelling like a mixture of Olay and moldy sour cream to start your day!  Then I get Little S changed and dressed.
Re-dress Rae.
Feed Rae again.
Continually fight Little S to let me feed Rae without him having a meltdown about me being exposed.
Feed Little S again.

Get out the door.  Now this part is kind of tricky.  I’ve got the 2 year old holding one hand, the car seat in the other hand, and the ginormous bag filled with 2 diaper bags, my bag and a lunch box for Little S on my shoulder and a level of patience that lasts about 32 seconds.  Unfortunately it takes about 4 minutes to get everything into the car.

Then we go somewhere.
ANYWHERE to get out of the house and let Little S wear himself out.
Then I realize I haven’t eaten yet.  And this happens almost every single day.  And when you’re feeding a baby, you need to eat pretty often, otherwise your stomach will LITERALLY eat itself.  Maybe not literally, but literally.  So my poor stomach is yelling at me.
Then Rae starts yelling at me because she’s hungry too.
And she’s pooped her pants.
Then Little S pooped his pants.
Then I’m feeling like I’m going to vomit from all the poop that’s all up in my face.  And fortunately forget that I was ever hungry.

Now back to the car.  And Little S has a melt down.
Yayyyyy screaming children all the way home.

Now it’s Little S’s nap time.  I finally eat something.  Everything.  Feed and change Rae.  Do laundry. Do dishes.  Vacuum.  Clean up the mess Little S made, then Little S wakes up and messes it all up again.  Unfolds all the laundry.  And wants a snack.  Throw him a box full of Teddy Grahams.
Read a book.
Play cars.
Feed Rae.
Read a book.
Play cars.
Read a book.
Watch Blues Clues.
Play cars.
“Mommy, game?”
Play shapes game.
Read a book.
Play cars.
Feed Rae.
Change Little S.
Change Rae.

“What’s that smell?”
Probably me.
“Why are there random bowls of food on the floor for Little S like he’s a dog?”
Hush, husband.
“Is the trash can seriously full of dirty diapers again? I just took it out yesterday.”
Yes, and I left you an extra smelly one underneath your pillow.
Then I hand him the kids and hide for about 30 seconds of silence.
Then there’s a knock on the bedroom door, “Mommy?? MOMMY! MA! MOM!”

Then it’s dinner time, bath time and bed time.
And repeat the process all over again.

So yeah, my friends.  That’s what it’s like having 2 kids.
But oh my goodness, are they the cutest.


6,406 Responses to “A Day.”

  1. Kelly | March 22, 2013 at 2:48 am #

    ya…don’t think you will ever. get an uninterrupted shower. again. ever. until they are married. then they will call on the phone at just the right moment, I am sure. and then, when you leave the house without kids and no one pays attention to you because you don’t have the cuteness surrounding you, you get mad and want to yell at people because YOU ARE A MOM, SEE, and they should be acknowledging that all over the place and saying, “Good for you! You made it out of the house alive!–who is watching them?” but they don’t know that. You have to remember to give people grace. Yep…say goodbye to the old “me” –it’s all about “them.”

  2. Ashley Amaya | June 27, 2013 at 8:03 pm #

    Took the thoughts right out of my head! I did the exact same things, I literally LOL here at my desk reading the part about Little S and the bowls of food on the floor. We had that going on too! Diapers and trash, ditto. Finally just got my oldest Maddy potty trained, shes 2 1/2. So exciting, except now we have poopy panties instead of diapers, ugh. I think it will never end!