Dear Raelyn Joy,

To my beautiful Raelyn Joy,

Though I haven’t actually seen you yet, I know how incredibly beautiful you are; your dad and I obviously have an awesome gene pool (Take a look at your brother, he’s quite the heartbreaker).  Ever since the day we found out you were going to be joining our family, we have not stopped praying for you.  We’ve prayed you’d be healthy and happy and to always know we love you.  And in case you ever forget or lose your way, we wrote this to remind you.

I promise to remind you that you’re beautiful.  The world is filled with images of the perfect woman, but to dad and I, there’s nothing more perfect than you.  We promise to always remind you of your beauty, but to also make sure you know it’s not the most important thing in the world.  We want you to be confident in who you are and to always remember your worth is not determined by the size of your jeans.

I promise that your dad is a great example of a Godly man.  One day, when you’re 35, we’ll let you start dating.  And you won’t know where to start with men.  But if you look for someone who reminds you of dad, you won’t be disappointed.  Your dad is someone who is funny and smart and just the right amount of obnoxious.  He’s wise and he’s dedicated. He’s someone who treats women with respect and always puts family first.  He’s handsome, but not cocky.  And he never takes for granted the most important people in his life.  And if you find someone who is half the man that dad is, you’ll be just as happy as I am.

I promise to be a mean mom when I need to.  Sometimes I’m going to say no.  I’ll make sure you eat ALL your green beans before you get down from the table.  I’ll teach you manners and how to be respectful to adults.  I won’t always let you stay up past your bed time, and on days that you’re giving me a headache, I may even send you to bed early.  And one day, you’re probably going to think I’m the worst and meanest mom in the world for not letting you wear a tube top when you’re 12 years old (Or ever. Never ever, ever.).  But one day, you’ll have your own children and you’ll realize that everything I did, I did for you because I love you.

I promise your brother won’t always be a terror, maybe (Hopefully. For both of our sakes).  Your brother is going to terrorize you for a while.  And I’m sorry.  He’ll probably knock over your tea sets, and possibly pull off your Barbie doll’s head.  But your brother is a boy.  And he tends to be quite destructive. But I promise that when it comes down to it, dad and I have taught him that he’s to protect you, because that’s what big brothers do.  Before you were born your brother loved to kiss my belly, your home for 9 months.  He’d get excited when he felt you kick or heard your heartbeat at the doctors.  So when he throws your dolls in the toilet or makes you watch Spiderman instead of Cinderella, just remember, that he really does love you.

I promise to eat brownies with you.  Number one, because brownies are seriously delicious.  But also because even though I’ve struggled with image issues my entire life, I refuse to let you think that your self worth is determined by the fact that you can fit into a size 2 jeans or not.  So eat a brownie or two, sweet girl.  And maybe a McFlurry.  Mainly because I want an excuse to eat them, too.

I promise to let you grow up.  I remember when I was 17, all I wanted to do was hang out with this silly boy.  We’d go to IHOP twice a week.  He’d take me out for ice cream, but then make me pay (classy.)  And we’d even make out in my parents backyard.  We’d hang out and I’d watch him play video games.  Eventually, we got engaged with a ring made out of a McDonald’s receipt (swoon!) and I know one day you’ll feel exactly like that too.  Like this boy is your whole entire world.  And even though it most likely won’t last, and you’ll have your heart broken, maybe you’ll be like me, and marry the boy.  But that boy better not get you pregnant until there’s a ring…

I promise to love you unconditionally.  I’ll love you when you throw tantrums, talk my ear off and sing off key far too loudly.  I’ll love you when you insist on wearing tutus and rain boots everyday and I’ll love you when you grow up and try to wear clothes that are far too tight (and send you right back to your room to change).  Ill love you when you grow up and decide to move away (though, I’d really prefer if you stayed).  I’ll always love you Rae.


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  1. Jacqueline Mack | January 8, 2013 at 9:13 pm #

    I very much love your words, every time I read them. I swear, you always make me cry!! You have some seriously lucky kiddos, it’s so obvious you and Spencer love them beyond belief <3