Photos and My Birthday.

I have lots of talented friends.
It kinda sucks, because every time someone is looking for someone with a particular skill (photography, art, musically inclined, checkers… etc)
I’m like “Oh, I know someone whose good at that!”
And then they’re like yeah, but what are YOU good at?
And I’m like “Uh…eating…?  I make a pretty awesome pot of plain spaghetti noodles…”

My friend Tim Riddick is awesome.  He’s done photos for us for our engagement, wedding, Little S’s newborns, Christmas card photos, and now he’s done some more for us.
ALL these photos are by Tim Riddick Photography.  You can (and should) like him on Facebook. Do it.

But check these out first.
And I know what you’re thinking, “Do I seriously have to look through 144 photos of you?” And the answer is yes.  Because my family is adorable.  And you love us.
Just wait until Baby B is here.  Then I’m going to be even more all up in your face with all my family/baby cuteness.

So, I just wanted to throw this out there… Tomorrow’s my birthday.  Just thought you might want to know in case you wanted to get me something.  Like a million dollars or something.
No pressure.
You can get me whatever you want.
But I really want a million dollars.
Out of the last 3 birthday’s I’ve had, I’ve been pregnant during two of them.  And last year I spent my birthday watching The Lion King then a riveting round of Big S playing Call of Duty (Sigh.).  I know, I get CUH-RAZY on my birthday.
This year, I plan to sleep in, attend a baby shower (Which I will promptly change from a baby shower for a friend, to a birthday party for myself.), and eat copious amounts of cake.

So, in honor of my 22nd birthday, enjoy this.

And in case it’s any consolation for the fact that you’re probably terrified that I’m only 22 and am having a second baby, I don’t feel 22.  I feel like I’m pushing 76.


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